Difference between streaming and progressive download

2 Oct

Difference between streaming and progressive

Progressive Download versus Streaming. In the last couple of weeks several clients have been asking about the difference between steaming and progressive download delivery methods. Streaming video on the other hand is delivered via a streaming server without the file ever being downloaded to the viewer's computer. - HTTP progressive download creates a temporary copy of the video on the viewer's computer. It might look like it is streaming because it can be watched as soon part of the file as been downloaded. - Streaming video requires access to a streaming media server and uses a streaming protocols such as RTMP, RTSP, or MMS. The technical definition of “progressive download” is video delivered by a regular HTTP web server rather than a streaming server. In most instances, video delivered using this technique is stored on the viewer's hard drive as it's received, and then it's played from the hard drive.

#6 Concept Series: What is the difference between Progressive Download, Progressive download gave feeling of streaming and reduced. in light of the new giantbomb video player, what is the diff between streaming and progressive video? from the perspective of the average consumer, is. Progressive vs streaming download (VOD). What is the difference between progressive download and streaming?: One of the most frequent questions regarding.

“Most end users cannot tell the difference between the video delivered by progressive download and that delivered via a streaming video. The choice between progressive download and streaming must be made based on sound business logic as well as technical considerations. A progressive download is the transfer of digital media files from a server to a client, typically using the HTTP protocol when initiated from a computer. The consumer may begin playback of the media before the download is complete. The key difference between streaming media and progressive download is. Using progressive download, a video file such as an FLV is downloaded for example, the video will continue to download in the background.