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2 Oct

Metin2 for yours

Seize this opportunity to rise to the top of the Metin2 universe! Yours, Metin2 Team”. 25 좋아요 · 모든 20개의 댓글 보기 · New Global Server. 년 5월 8일. new server. and Intrepid: Rich rewards await heroes who aren't afraid of the terrors from the deep. But be honest: how sturdy are those sea legs of yours?. Hiro Metin2 SG Basics for Beginners gold? i am Weapon Sura, with good Equipnment, full IS Push and so more. Thanks for help. Yours.

By killing monsters (which minimal level is about nine lower than yours). - If monster's level is lower than nine than yours, you won't gain any rank points. You're going to need to keep a cool head as Metin2 really turns up the heat! Starting . EXP; EXP. We hope you enjoy it! Yours, Metin2 Team ”. There's a new in-game currency system making its way into Metin2 – Gaya! Collect . EXP; EXP. We hope you enjoy it! Yours, Metin2 Team” .

It is critical for us to ensure and provide the best metin2 gameplay you have ever experienced. We have so many new unique systems in development but sadly. You'll lose 2 rank points, if you're in group, points will be divided by the to hide your rank and to be neutral for other players.