As400 to excel download

2 Oct

As400 to excel

I would like to know how to in a step by step process export date from AS/ iSeries into an Excel workbook. The purpose is to gather the data. A CL program that allows transfer of data from a DB2 query on AS/ to an IFS as file that can be opened by Excel. This document explains how to add the Microsoft Excel Data covers the Excel Data Transfer upload up to and including V5R4 iSeries Access.

I need help in exporting data from invoices created in AS to excel. I have never had to do this before so can anyone help? Thank you. There are changes coming if your shop is running an AS or iSeries or Power System with IBM i and uses the Excel data transfer function. Exporting IBM i, iSeries or AS Spool File Reports to Excel is easier then you think. Menu driven for users and API's for programmers. Setup in minutes.

I have got to the stage where I see the iseries add on in Excel. Could someone please give me some instructions how to transfer data now. All-in-one import / export tool IBM i (iSeries, AS/) to Excel and Excel to IBM i. High security, off-the-shelf product administered by your IT department.